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The Long Ranch Story & Heritage

Vintage Fair in the 1940s

The Long Ranch, Inc. is currently owned by Scott Long. We've been a family run business for decades and decades! Scott's grandfather, Paul Long, and father, Bill Long, owned and operated a pig ranch in the 1950's on Harlan Road in Lathrop, CA.  When Paul sold his operation, Scott's parents moved to "town" in Manteca, CA.

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In 1972, the family bought a 15-acre property on West Ripon Road and continued raising pigs where Scott's grandfather had left off.  About a decade later, a slaughterhouse was built on the farm and they started processing about 50-60 pigs a month. 


In 2019, Scott's son Randy joined in on the biz! Randy was born and raised on the ranch in Manteca. He took a sabbatical in the '00s to get his degree in Meat Science from Fresno State University and work in some corporate environments. Now he's using his skills to whip up some amazingly tasty creations for The Long Ranch store and we are so happy to have him back! 

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The family business has gone through many changes in an effort to provide an affordable, quality product for customers.

Today Long Ranch, Inc. pigs are raised in an all-in-all-out system. They are fed antibiotic free food that is a mixture of corn, soy, vitamins and minerals purchased from a local feed company. The hoop barns where the pigs are raised are temperature controlled with fans and sprinkling systems to keep the barns cool in the summer and curtains are rolled down to keep the barns warm in the winter. The barns are bedded with wheat straw bedding that helps the pigs control their temperatures. After the pigs are removed from the barn, the bedding is recycled into compost and used as fertilizer.

The ranch markets approximately 8000 hogs annually to accommodate a wide range of consumers. Customers can purchase ready-to-cook products from the on-farm retail store or even order a whole pig and have it processed on-site for barbecues or roasting.

The Long Ranch, Inc. specializes in providing custom pork products to meet your needs. Come check out our retail store and choose one of our delicious, family farm raised cuts of meat or order your whole roaster pig today! 

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